Stay fit, stay fresh

To stay fit and fresh all day is not easy. Everybody always wanted to lok attractive in any reason despite their activities throughout the day. Surely anything obstacle to look  fresh and healthy should be avoided.

Here are some important things that can help us keep always healthy and fresh
1. Use powder
If the face looks pale from exhaustion, powder can be a mainstay. Simply apply the bpowder aound face and neck area. Included in the cheekbones, chin and head. powder can make the face look still bright even though you feel tired.
2. Camouflage dark circles with concealer
Sleep deprivation and intensive activity usually make dark circles under the eyes stand out. For that cover by using concealer stick form. Don’t  too thick and blend it with skin color. Make sure the color looks natural.
3. Transparent mascara
To make eyes look more fresh and natural, just use mascara. But do not use black mascara, because it can look too thick. Views eyelashes will get more leverage and create a fresh impression.
4. Use lip gloss
tend to dry  during the day. Especially if you have a solid activity and less drinking. Before applying lipstick, use a lip gloss, let stand briefly until the moistureizer permeate into the lip. After that just re-applay the lipstick.
5. Oil absorbent paper
Oily facial skin while you stress and fatigue, especially in the regions T, nose and forehead. For that, for those who have oily skin tend to always provide oil absorbent paper in a bag. Choose the small size and portability.

Stay fit and fresh is important.

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