Bad Breath Halitosis Treatment

Bad breath (halitosis) is not serious on its own, but can be a symptom of a more serious illness. Periodontal disease can affect more than your breath and lead to heart problems. Kidney and liver failure can cause bad breath and are life threatening illnesses. Diabetes, lung infections, gastrointestinal illnesses are all diseases that affect your breath.
For a temporary, efficient way to treat bad breath (halitosis), breath mints or gum are available and can be used at any time. They are excellent for times when you are not at home and are worried about your breath. Many only cover up the symptoms, and do not treat the underlying cause. If you are at home, mouthwashes can be more effective. For long term care, see your dentist.
The best way to treat your bad breath (halitosis) is to brush your teeth and practice good oral hygiene.  If you are at work and don't have a toothbrush, you can pop a mint into your mouth or chew sugarless gum.  But these are just temporary fixes.  It's important to find out the cause of the bad breath (halitosis) and get treatment.  If your dentist cannot find a dental reason for the bad breath (halitosis), then he will recommend that you follow up with your regular healthcare provider

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