Kidneys Health Care

kidney Kidneys is the biggest threats to our body’s natural filters.  Each of our kidneys is about the size of one loosely clenched fist. These bean shape organs reside near our lower back, right below our rib cage.
Kidneys could be considered pretty small but they do a big job. About 20 percent of the blood pumped with every beat of your heart goes to your kidneys. Its act like highly sophiscated filters, removing waste and excess water to maintain the composition of the blood.
Here are a few step to take care your kidneys
  • Be as consistent as you can in the times you eat and amount of food you eat
  • Eat more fresh and unprocessed foods,
  • Limit your intake of meet, cheese and dairy products
  • Check with your doctor or dietician before taking any vitamin, mineral. or dietary suplements.
Although kidneys disease is not reversible, there are ways to slow its progression. Take these small steps to heart, and we stand a good chance of ensuring our kidneys will remain healthy in the long run.

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