Organic Food

The term Organic mean all food that come from living organism, be it plant or animal. And, as all foods contain carbon, they are technically organic by definition. In actual fact, ‘organic’ is a loosely-used label that refers to organically grown or organically produced foods. Only certified products can be labelled as organic and these are grown according to certain strict standards. when food is processed, both the proccessing plant and the finished product must be certified as organic to be labelled as such.

Most of us already have a vague idea that organic food is healthier because they’re grown without synthetic chemicals. What we understnd is that no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers or hormones are used in the organic growing process. manure, compost and organic wastes are typically used as fertilisers.

Despite claims that organic foods are helthier than conventionally grown crops, there is no scientific evidence to support this notions.

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