Anti Ageing Food

Anti ageing food will make you stay away from that wxpensive jar of anti wrinkle cream which can only do so much if you don't take care of your skin from inside. Here are some foods that pack a punch of antioxidants which protect your skin against free radicals.
  1. Dark green Leafly Vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli are a rich source of vitamin C, which is great for the skin. On top of that, dark green leafly vegetables have carotenoids and anti cancer substances such as sulphoraphne and genistein. They contain a variety of carotenoid pigments which help to prevent age-related eye problems such cataracts and macular degeneration.
  2. Tomatoes. A rich source of lycopene, tomatoes will help you prevent cell ageing. Cooked tomatoes release five times more lycopene thah raw tomatoes. Researcher suggesting that, of the many types of carotenoids found in food, lycopene is the most benefici al for protecting againts coronary heart gdisease and cancer. Espnecially cancer of the lung, stomachi, mouth, colon, rectum and preostate gland.
  3. Garlic, hbas antioxidant, antiseptic, anti bacterial and antiviral properties. While it is used to help treat i ntestinal, respiratory and skin infections, itss most important use is ato help maintain a heal thy heart and circulation. Garlic can reduce high blood presure, lower llevels of harmful blood fats ( LDL-choleslterol and triglycerides) and improvee blood circulation hence healthier skin.
  4. Soybeans, contain isoflavones-hormone li ke substance that help to prevent ageing sdue to hormaone imbalance. They are also believ ed to help protect against hormone sensitive cancers, such as those of the breast and prostate gland. Soybeans can be found in food like tofu and misno.
  5. Nut & Seeds, are essential for helathy skin as they are orich in vitamin E, selenium zinc and essential fatty acids. Selenium is needted to produce antibodies for healthy skin and thyroid function as well as being vital for the action of many important antioxidant enzymes in the body. The richest dietary source of selenium is found in brazil nuts. Walnut are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and have been shown to help reduce a raised cholesterol level.
  6. Apples & Berries. Apples contain pectin which helps to lower our cholesterol levels and antioxidants to rid of free radicals. The vitamin C found in berries is great for building up new collagen in the skin and they also help to prevent those ghastly thread veins that appear as we get that little bit older. 
Anti ageing food hope will help us to fight all cause of ageing including free radicals from inside while anti wrinkle cream help us from outside.

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